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Shandong dangkang agricultural equipment co., ltd. is a modern high-end agricultural machinery and tools manufacturer integrating research and development, production, sales and service, mainly engaged in the research and development and production of soil finishing and seeding machines and other machinery and tools. In cooperation with Italy CMR group, the key products are power-driven harrow, grain precision planter and film residue recovery machine, etc., and a relatively complete marketing and service network has been established in the northern dry field region. Dangkang brand driving harrow has initially established a model image of the industry benchmark in China.

Dangkang brand from the classic of mountains and seas, according to the "classic of mountains and seas · dongshan" records "and 200 miles southeast, said qinshan, more gold and no stone. The water out, while the north lingers Yu Gao ze, including 鱃 fish, Mr Wen. How, with its shape like a dolphin and have teeth, known as when kang, its sound 詨, see the world big exa." (note: core, the meaning of harvest).

Our company takes "dangkang" as the brand, mainly devotes to the land cultivation and the sowing and harvesting business, through our efforts to help the customers throughout the country to obtain a better harvest.


Be a new benchmark in the land consolidation and seeding industry

We are committed to increasing farmers' output and income and making rural life better

Integrity, pragmatism, professionalism and excellence




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